The Only Halloween Safety Tips You Really Need

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Happy Halloween! Tonight is one of those nights where all of your best parenting skills are put to the test. Hyped-up kids, strangers, scary houses, dark streets, trouble and fun all wrapped up in one crazy night. At Family Practice Specialists, we consider Halloween to be one of those nights where anything is possible. Are we superstitious when it comes to Halloween? Nope, just cautious only because we have seen some ill effects of candy mixed with excited kids. So, let’s take a moment to make sure you’ve reviewed some of the more important safety tips specifically for Trick-or-Treating in Arizona on this night.
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How To Prevent Head Injuries On and Off the Field

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It’s usually around this time of year that Family Practice Specialists spend quite a lot of time talking about youth sports, particularly football and concussions. As Phoenix physicians, we are keenly aware of the benefits of team sports, while simultaneously understanding like few others the risks of team sports. Yesterday, news broke of the National Football League’s settlement of $765 million to thousands of players who had sued over head injuries. With this news comes increased awareness on the importance of keeping your child safe as they play the game of football.

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It’s Football Season – Know the Signs of a Concussion

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It’s Back-to-School time, which also means the little ones are going to be getting back out there on the field in Phoenix for team sports such as football. And, with getting back into gear and with the team comes the fear of injury. As a parent of a young football player, I can tell you first hand how scary it is when you hear the tackle reverberating in your own ears, and instantly the thought of concussion races through your head.

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Be a Proactive Parent this School Year and Keep the Family Healthy!

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By the end of August, pretty much all school-aged kids in Arizona are back at it; hitting the books, the homework, and the after school activities and sports. Back-to-School time is both exciting and anxiety-riddled. Here in Phoenix, Back-to-School can mean sports physicals, vaccines, and simple health check-ups to ensure that everyone in the family is ready to take on the school year. Back-to-School health and wellbeing is also important for moms and dads. With all the rushing around, carpools, practice and more, it’s important that everyone, including mom and dad, are healthy and ready to take on the school year.
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Back to School Health Questions Answered by Your Phoenix Doctor

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That time of year is upon us again, sending the kids back to school! Many parent’s have worries they speak with their Phoenix Doctor about when it comes to their child’s health and wellbeing while at school. Below are some common questions people ask their Phoenix Doctor, answered from the perspective of a Phoenix Doctor.

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