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Back Pain – How to Know If It’s Something More

back pain_phoenix physician

One-half of all working Americans have back pain symptoms at least once throughout the year. In fact, back pain is the single most common reason for employees to call in to work, and one in ten primary care visits are directly related to low back pain. In Arizona, at our Phoenix doctor’s offices, we see hundreds, if not thousands, of back pain cases a year, many of which can be treated, even prevented, efficiently.

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5 Mental & Physical Exercises to Increase Positivity and Wellness

positivity for health

If you are looking for advice from a trusted Phoenix Doctor on how to improve your overall health through natural practices, the first place to start is improving your attitude. Many studies and almost any Phoenix Doctor will tell you that your mental wellness has a dramatic impact on your physical wellbeing.

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Start a Healthier Inner Dialog for a Better life

positive thinking and health

Do you look at life with a positive attitude? Is your glass always half full? Or do you expect the worst out of situations and anticipate negative conclusions and answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet? One Phoenix Doctor that believes strongly in positive thinking wants you to reconsider your mind set if you are a ‘half-empty’ kind of person. This Phoenix Doctor outlines that your inward attitude, be it pessimistic or optimistic, could be effecting your physical health.
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Monsoons and Barometric Pressure Migraines – How to Cope

monsoon season and migraines

The valley saw it’s first big dust storm of monsoon season, and with it has come a flush of calls regarding headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, this is to be expected during the Arizona monsoon season. As barometric pressure rises, migraine sufferers tend to feel the brunt of it. But, of course, as experience Phoenix physicians who have been in the valley for many, many monsoon seasons, we have a few monsoon and migraine tips for you.

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Be Safe this 4th of July Holiday – Tips and Advice from Phoenix Physicians

4th of july safety tips

‘Tis the weekend for parties, fireworks and fun. It’s also the most deadliest day to travel on roads, one of the most active nights for local emergency rooms with burns and fire-related injuries, and is an extremely active time for pool drownings. While the 4th of July is a joyous time, as a Phoenix physician I can’t stress enough the importance of being safe.

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