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What Is That 24-Hour Bug?

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“24-hour illnesses” are normally caused by noroviruses, which are a type of virus that is responsible for the “stomach flu” and its symptoms. Although they are nicknamed 24 hour illnesses, the illnesses caused by noroviruses can last up to 10 days and require a visit to a local family physician or even the ER in rare cases. Most of the time noroviruses are not serious and may not even require a trip to a family physician.

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3 Benefits of Making Hand Washing a New Year’s Resolution

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There’s a very good reason why your Phoenix physician might give you an extra reminder to wash your hands during your next checkup; it’s because hand washing can greatly reduce your chance of getting sick and getting others sick. Even when it’s not the flu season you should make hand washing a regular habit to avoid getting sick and having to make a trip to your Phoenix physician.
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Making Healthy Resolutions for 2014

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The start of 2014 is the time to make resolutions to be healthier than ever, and your local Phoenix physicianwill appreciate the effort that you take throughout 2014 to improve your overall health and well being. Take advantage of the clarity and fresh perspective that the New Year brings and make as many healthy resolutions that you feel that you can stick to.

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