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Tips On Obtaining Perfect Skin in Phoenix




When it comes to making sure your skin is healthy and clear, there are more than a few considerations to keep in mind. Phoenix dermatologists can often provide the best advice on how to strike a balance between skin that looks great, but is healthy underneath as well. Obtaining perfect skin has nothing to do with make-up to cover up blemishes or engaging in numerous treatments geared towards creating this appearance of “perfection.” Rather, perfect skin is the healthiest possible skin you can cultivate and this comes with knowing what the experts know. Consider a few tips:


  • Lighten up on the sunscreen: Not as in, forgo it, but rather looking for a liquid sunscreen that isn’t as heavy as the creamy stuff. Since there is less to soak into your skin, it doesn’t give you that greasy feeling you can sometimes get with the more heavy-duty stuff. If you get the truly oil-free variety, then you can ensure that your pores don’t get clogged as well.

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Tips on Resolving Acne Issues





Acne can cause a wide range of issues in those that must suffer with it; from damaging the confidence of teens struggling with acne to denting the self-esteem of adults that find themselves dealing with the onset of acne later in life. For some, resolving acne issues requires the assistance of a Phoenix doctor specializing in dermatology. However, there are ways that you can deal with the presence of acne and move towards healthier skin.


Resolving acne issues starts with a quality skin care regimen. For instance, it is important to wash your face twice a day with a mild cleansing agent to remove impurities. Those that already have problems with acne should actually consult with a Phoenix doctor on whether or not to use a cleanser that is specially formulated for skin that is prone to break-outs. It is important not to scrub when washing your face as this can cause the skin to become more irritated than it already is, which can make the appearance of acne seem worse than it is.

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Diagnosing Disease with Arizona Smart Phone Apps





Technology is such these days, that you can just about diagnose yourself with a disease or condition by typing your symptoms into the computer and coming up with at least enough guidance to arm yourself with knowledge before heading to the doctor. However, in some cases, a trip to your Phoenix doctor sooner rather than later may be necessary to ensure that you don’t endanger your life through a wrong or limited diagnosis. Many conditions can worsen quickly without medical intervention, which is why it is important to get a doctor involved when you suspect something may be wrong.


A good example of this is in the field of dermatology, where smartphones now can apps that allow you to analyze certain conditions that may be indicative of more serious issues. For instance, there are some apps that can help to diagnose you with skin cancer by analyzing the lesions on your body and determining if they warrant more serious attention from your Phoenix doctor.
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When to See a Professional About Acne Issues





When it comes to acne, it can be challenging to know when to get help for an issue. After all, everyone deals with this issue at one point or another, and it is usually something that resolves itself over time. However, for some people, the issue becomes more severe than normal and a Phoenix doctor specializing in dermatology needs to be involved.


The way to know that you need some extra assistance in dealing with acne is if the problem covers more than 25 percent of your face. If the acne is painful, leaves unsightly scars or is recurring, meaning you can’t resolve the issue with an over-the-counter product, then you may need to get a dermatologist involved.
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Tips on Finding A Good Dermatologist





When it comes to skin care, finding a specialist to aid with issues or help to stave them off is essential. After all, your regular Phoenix doctor will likely focus more on your overall health and resolving any medical issues that may arise. However, by comparison, a dermatologist focuses more on your skin’s health, giving you tips on how to keep it clean, clear and free of blemishes, while checking into any issues that may be indicative of underlying problems.


Finding a good dermatologist, however, can be tricky. You want someone that will treat problems aggressively, while giving you sage wisdom about caring for your specific skin type. The best to start is actually through your regular Phoenix doctor. Ask him or her to recommend someone that they know of or have worked with; since this is a person you already trust to take care of you medically, you might feel more comfortable seeing someone that they have worked with. It also helps to check the American Academy of Dermatology listings in your area, to see if one of their qualified professionals are available. This ensures that anyone you choose off of the list is board-certified to even practice in your area.

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