How To Prevent Head Injuries On and Off the Field

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It’s usually around this time of year that Family Practice Specialists spend quite a lot of time talking about youth sports, particularly football and concussions. As Phoenix physicians, we are keenly aware of the benefits of team sports, while simultaneously understanding like few others the risks of team sports. Yesterday, news broke of the National Football League’s settlement of $765 million to thousands of players who had sued over head injuries. With this news comes increased awareness on the importance of keeping your child safe as they play the game of football.

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CDC’s Head Up Program Provides Key Information on Football-Related Concussions

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Much has been made of the impact playing football has on the brain lately. This is, in part, due to the number of professional football players found to be acting irrationally – and in some instances, violently, a move that many doctors believe is due to the number of concussions sustained over the course of their careers. However, the hits start long before a player’s professional career and millions of dollars ensue. It often begins in high school, where concussions from hits can have a devastating effect on a young brain. Visiting a Phoenix doctor is a great first step to address a concussion after sustaining a hit; however, education on concussions and who is affected and how are also important educational tools to prevent lasting injury from these types of head-related injuries.
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