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Top 15 Herbs for a Strong Healthy Heart

There are various ways to improve the function of your heart. One technique is by using natural extracts from plants. Below are some of the most efficient herbs that enable your heart to remain healthy.

  1. Oregano – The herb is a flavorsome way to manage cholesterol. It is also rich in vital antioxidants fight the damage that free radicals cause, which is mostly the root of many diseases such as heart disease.
  2. Butcher’s Broom – The herb is not well known, but it lessens your risk for heart disease. Some of the major components of this herb are fatty acids and sterols that help improve the health of your blood vessels.
  3. Garlic – Eating some garlic cloves daily lowers bad levels of cholesterol. Garlic also improves the circulation of blood and controls blood pressure. It also stops platelet aggregation that can cause a stroke. Read More