Back to School Health Questions Answered by Your Phoenix Doctor

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That time of year is upon us again, sending the kids back to school! Many parent’s have worries they speak with their Phoenix Doctor about when it comes to their child’s health and wellbeing while at school. Below are some common questions people ask their Phoenix Doctor, answered from the perspective of a Phoenix Doctor.


What Does the Phoenix Doctor Recommend About Easing Anxiety?

It is totally normal for a child to experience some level of panic or stress, according to a Phoenix Doctor who sees a lot of kids stressed out about going back to school. Your child’s Phoenix Doctor will tell you that the dread of heading into a new classroom can be managed for a much healthier and happier transition. Before your child’s first school night, get them back into the routine of going to bed earlier and without TV, this will help them get to sleep quicker on their first anxiety filled night before their first day back. Also, make sure to visit your child’s classroom with them before their first day back — you will usually get the opportunity to do so during the school’s annual open house. Your Phoenix Doctor will advise a visit with the school nurse if your child has a chronic condition that requires medications to be given at school.


Why Do Illnesses Spread So Quickly at School?

During the school year, you will probably take your child to see their Phoenix Doctor more than once about illnesses they picked up at school — so how does this happen so often? Most illnesses a child will come in contact with at school are spread from person to person or from touching a contaminated surface. With so many children in one building, it’s nearly impossible for your child to avoid coming in contact with these illnesses. The best way to manage is take them to see their regular Phoenix Doctor for preventative immunizations and advise on what habits are the best to avoid transmission and spread of illness as much as possible.


If a Child is Not Feeling Well, Should They Stay Home?

This is a big question parents call their family’s Phoenix Doctor about a lot! The problem with keeping kids out of school is that the child will miss so much when they miss as little as a day — parents also take risks with their employers by leaving work early or taking a day off. While schools understand the burden of keeping a child home, both on the child’s learning and parent’s work schedule, most have policies against allowing them to come to school within 24 hours of having a fever over 101 degrees. Your Phoenix Doctor may also advise you to keep kids home for 24 hours (after symptoms clear) if they have vomiting, extreme fatigue, or labored breathing. If your child is just feeling less than 100% but doesn’t have any notable symptoms, advise their school’s nurse to keep an eye on them and call you should they notice any changes for the worse.


How Can I Spot the Flu versus the Common Cold?

Really, if your child develops symptoms of either, you should bring them into their regular Phoenix Doctor before sending them to school — even the common cold can be dangerous if it gets out of hand. The common cold typically starts with a sore throat and is later accompanied by sneezing, sniffling, and sometimes a fever. If your child has the flu, they will likely have fast onsetting symptoms that are a lot more intense than the cold. Flu symptoms include aches, soreness, sore throat, headache, and congestion.

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