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Are You at Risk – Skin Safety for Melanoma Skin Cancer

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With the summer approaching quickly here in Phoenix, there is a real need to talk about the risks of too much sun. Overexposure to sunrays have many people concerned about developing skin cancer, specifically melanoma. This type of cancer is less common but a more serious type of skin cancer. Melanoma is a malignant (or cancerous) tumor of melanocytes which produce dark pigment in the skin called melanin. If this form of cancer is not found in its early stages, the outlook for patients with melanoma is not good – nearly 75% of all deaths from skin cancer occur in melanoma patients.

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Natural Stress Relief Quick Guide for Handling Troubling Times

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This is a trying time for our nation and the people of America are experiencing stress that is off the charts! Learn what you can be doing to promote natural stress relief right here in Phoenix, AZ.


Natures Medicine Cabinet



Calcium has been shown to lessen stress and promote a calmer mood. Take calcium supplements at night to help you to help you relax and get better sleep.

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Coping with Stress in the Face of Tragedy

Stress_Boston MarathonRecently, this nation has been challenged by unthinkable tragedy. In one week, we have faced the Boston bombings, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, and a very intense manhunt for terrorists on American soil – prior to that we were faced with the unthinkable Newtown Massacre that claimed the lives of many of our youth and educators. Even during a so called “normal” day in this country, all we have to do is turn on the news to hear about standoffs, robberies, fatal accidents, and political issues that threaten our very way of life!


These terrible events have caused us to fear things we never thought we would – sending our children to school, going to work, traveling, and going to sporting events. Even those who do not experience these horrible tragedies in person feel the deep emotional impact and if you do not learn to manage your stress and anxiety, it can take over your life! Learn about stress management and natural ways to cope with emotions that cause stress.
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5 Natural Ways to Cure Migraines in Arizona

preventing migraines in Arizona

Have you ever had that irritating migraine that just will not go away?  You have no medicine in the house and it is too painful to drive to the store or your Phoenix doctor to get some?  Below are five natural ways, depending on the severity and the frequency of your migraines, that you can cure your migraine without having to leave the house.



One thing that has been linked to migraines is magnesium deficiency.  There have been multiple studies done that have shown positive effects of having increased magnesium.  The studies show that the severity and frequency of migraines is reduced when supplemental magnesium is ingested.

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Kids and Allergies Don’t Mix: What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know


Allergy season is just beginning and already the pollen count is nearing record highs – made obvious by the amount of yellow cars we keep seeing and red eyed allergy suffers all around. When your little one is suffering, they do not have to go it alone, even if they can’t take powerful medications for relief. Helping your little ones may be easier than you think, especially if you are willing to make minor changes.

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