Do This Not That in this Extreme Arizona Heat

arizona extreme heat warnings

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It’s going to be hot this weekend, and when I say hot, I mean record-breaking temperatures. In Arizona, in the summer, that means we could reach 120 degrees today and tomorrow! As a Phoenix physician, these weather occurrences bring with them a host of health concerns. And, even though Arizona residents should be well acquainted with the Do’s and Don’t of such hot weather, we feel it’s extremely important to reiterate some elements of summer you should be thinking about this weekend.

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7 Remarkable Health Benefits of Drinking Water in Arizona

health benefits of water

There is no substitute for water. No sports drink or boosted water can compare to good, old water, especially when you live in Arizona. Sure, a sports drink might add some electrolytes, and a vitamin water might add a few extra essentials, but as a Phoenix doctor I can tell you that pure water is truly the best thing for you to consume during the hot summer months in Arizona. But, simply speaking, do you know how beneficial pure drinking water can be for your body?

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Water and Health in Arizona

water and health in arizona

If you are a Phoenix valley resident, you understand the importance of getting enough water. We can never forget that we live in the middle of a desert, a very hot, very dry, and very dangerous desert. And though we’ve transformed Phoenix into a sprawling city with beautiful assets, the weather, sun and atmosphere will always remain desert. As Phoenix physicians, we can’t stress enough how important it is to drink plenty of water when temperatures climb above 100 degrees.
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