Water and Health in Arizona

water and health in arizona

If you are a Phoenix valley resident, you understand the importance of getting enough water. We can never forget that we live in the middle of a desert, a very hot, very dry, and very dangerous desert. And though we’ve transformed Phoenix into a sprawling city with beautiful assets, the weather, sun and atmosphere will always remain desert. As Phoenix physicians, we can’t stress enough how important it is to drink plenty of water when temperatures climb above 100 degrees.


Drinking Enough Water in Phoenix

According to WebMD, water is the second most popular drink behind soft drinks. As Phoenix physicians, we absolutely LOVE to hear that because it means people are conscious regarding the importance of water in living healthy. Water intake is crucial year-round, but particularly in an Arizona summer when temperatures can rise to 110 degrees and above!
Drinking water helps to maintain balance in your body. Our bodies are made up of 60% water to facilitate healthy digestion, absorptions, circulation, maintenance of body temperature and the transfer of nutrients. These are paramount functions of the body, and if we’re not getting enough water any number of these natural functions can become compromised, which can ultimately affect many other aspects of how the body functions.


Water and Heart Health 

No doubt you’ve heard about hikers who suddenly collapse in the desert with a fatal heart attack. Heart attacks can be the direct result of overheating and a lack of water intake. Because water facilitates healthy blood flow and circulation, dehydration can decrease blood flow, thus lowering blood pressure and limiting the amount of fluid flowing through blood vessels. Thus the heart responds by working harder and faster but with a smaller amount of fluid. Essentially, the heart shuts down.
Read about a 21-year-old man who recently had a fatal heart attack while hiking the White Tank Mountains: http://news.yahoo.com/video/man-21-dies-while-hiking-004037486.html


How Much Water Should I Drink?

During an Arizona summer, we sweat more, which means our bodies need much more water to replenish that which we’ve lost. As a Phoenix physician, we recommend drinking 8 to 10 cups of water a day. If you’re working out in the sun, we suggest drinking half the amount of a water bottle every 15 minutes.
One of the most important things that you can learn to do is to listen to your body. If you’re thirsty during an Arizona summer, it’s a bad sign. If you’re body is thirsting for water, it’s already beginning to dehydrate. If you’re beginning to get tired, too hot, too sweaty, or start feeling cramps, your body is telling you to slow down and get a lot of water.
As Phoenix physicians, we often advise residents and patients to carry water bottles with them at all times during the summer months. You never know when you’ll get caught in traffic or stuck in a meeting where you’ll need plenty of water.
During the month of June we are going to be talking about water, water and more water. From water safety in the pool to water safety in your body. Have questions about drinking water? Contact your Phoenix physicians today! 602.955.8700

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