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Interdisciplinary Medicine Right Here in Phoenix

comprehensive medicine phoenix az

There are very few, if any in fact, family physicians here in Phoenix that work in the same offices as your dermatologist, optometrist, x-ray technicians, lab techs, and psychiatrist. That is just one of the unique aspects of healthcare that Family Practice Specialists brings to the valley. With over 43 years serving Phoenix families, our specialists and physicians are truly like no other.


Integrated Medicine

What is integrated and interdisciplinary medicine? Great question, and one that we don’t hear enough because the answer is quite unique to Phoenix! Let’s break it down for you.

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How To Choose The Best Family Doctor in Phoenix

family practice specialists in phoenix, az

When selecting a doctor for your family, you want the best. Phoenix family physicians are a dime a dozen, so it can be hard to know who to trust, who’s genuine, and who is just racing through the day to get in as many patients as possible. As a family of doctors and specialists who have been in service here in Phoenix for over 40 years, we’ve learned a few tips along the way.


Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Family

First off, understand what a family doctor, or family physician, really is. At Family Practice Specialists, a family doctor literally takes care of the entire family. We not only take care of the entire family from a medical perspective, we take pride in building relationships with family members through the generations. I see children today of parents who I once saw as children themselves.
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Do You Know When to See a Phoenix Doctor About That Mole?

when to see a doctor about that mole

Knowing when to go to your Phoenix doctor is important when it comes to coughs, rashes, sprains and strains, and fevers. But here in Arizona , it’s extremely important to know when to go to your doctor and dermatologist for skin conditions such as moles. Skin cancer is a big issue, and knowing when a mole is more than just a skin discoloration is crucial to protecting yourself against melanoma. Our dermatologist, Dr. Racette , got together with the team from Family Practice Specialists to put together a list of tips, helping you to know when to see your Phoenix doctor about that mole.


What is a Mole?

Simply speaking, moles are small pigmented cells on our skin that appear in clusters or singularly. They can change in appearance over the years as your body and the overall health of your skin changes, and in most cases are perfectly harmless.
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Arizona Sun: Tips to Protect Your Skin

skin cancer risk in arizona

The hottest days of the year are still ahead of us, and yet with these recent 90-degree temperatures, it’s time to truly start focusing on the health of your skin. Skin cancer in Arizona and melanoma in Phoenix is a serious and common condition, and the physicians at Family Practice Specialists need you to know how to protect your skin now. So, here are a few tips from our dermatologists and family physicians.


Cover Up – Here in Arizona, the sun is at it’s most powerful and most harmful between 10am and 4pm, so if you’re venturing outdoors during these hours be sure to cover up. Wear hats that cover your face, eyes and scalp. Wear tightly woven materials that absorb ultraviolet rays better than cotton materials. There are wonderful products out there that offer great protection for your skin, such as UV sunblock clothing and swimwear.
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Dermatology Skin Care in Phoenix, AZ

skin care_dermatologist_phoenix,az

What is the largest organ in the body? You’ve probably heart that question before on some trivia show or during family game night, right? Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and here in Arizona it can become dry, sun burnt, rashy and itchy very easily. With so many sunny days each year, and so many hot days each year, Phoenix dermatologists like Dr. Racette see more than their fair share of patients who have seen more than their fair share of the sun throughout their lives. As we move into Spring here in Arizona and we begin to enjoy this beautiful weather, it’s important to think about the health of your skin.


Skin Cancer in Arizona

As far as skin cancer rates in Arizona , we rank surprisingly low in terms of comparisons to all U.S. states. We’re actually right down there with Alaska , New York and D.C. However, in terms of deaths from skin cancer we rank very, very high.
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