What You Need To Know About Fall Allergies





Allergies can strike in just about any part of the world, and the severity depends on the individual and the area in which they live. However, no matter where the allergies, the symptoms are generally the same: runny nose, scratchy throat, running eyes and shortness of breath, in some instance. Seasonal allergies in Arizona can be particularly bad for those people that are not used to dealing with them. When contending with allergies, there are few things to consider, particularly during the fall season:


  • Warmer weather can make allergies worse: When summer extends well into fall, it can cause problems for those with seasonal allergies in Arizona. This is, in part, due to the spores of mold that are released into the air when the air is humid or when there is hot, dry weather present. If you notice these types of conditions persisting into fall, then you might consider starting your allergy medication even before you become symptomatic. This ensures that you are able to control symptoms as they start and you might find that your symptoms aren’t as bad.
  • Raking leaves can stir up seasonal allergies in Arizona: Sure, there aren’t as many falling leaves in Arizona as there are in, say, New England, but homeowners in this southwestern state are still often forced to rake. When this happens, you may inadvertently stir up pollen, mold and other common allergens in the fall air. People that suffer from seasonal allergies in Arizona should avoid raking leaves in the fall; however, if this is not an option, then wearing an allergy mask is recommended.
  • Utilize prescription medication to control allergies: Seasonal allergies in Arizona may be caused by any number of irritants, from ragweed to certain plants and trees. Sometimes, utilizing an over-the-counter remedy is not enough, even if the allergies are seemingly mild. A prescription medication can provide longer relief and for more of your symptoms.

The more you do to address seasonal allergies in Arizona from the outset, the more manageable they can be and the less interruption they cause to the activities of daily living. Without proper control over your allergies, you can go months feeling sick and generally unwell. Dealing with your allergies upon noticing symptoms can ensure that you can continue to enjoy the beautiful fall weather without the need to stay indoors until the winter swoops in.

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