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When it comes to skin care, finding a specialist to aid with issues or help to stave them off is essential. After all, your regular Phoenix doctor will likely focus more on your overall health and resolving any medical issues that may arise. However, by comparison, a dermatologist focuses more on your skin’s health, giving you tips on how to keep it clean, clear and free of blemishes, while checking into any issues that may be indicative of underlying problems.


Finding a good dermatologist, however, can be tricky. You want someone that will treat problems aggressively, while giving you sage wisdom about caring for your specific skin type. The best to start is actually through your regular Phoenix doctor. Ask him or her to recommend someone that they know of or have worked with; since this is a person you already trust to take care of you medically, you might feel more comfortable seeing someone that they have worked with. It also helps to check the American Academy of Dermatology listings in your area, to see if one of their qualified professionals are available. This ensures that anyone you choose off of the list is board-certified to even practice in your area.


If you live nearby a major college or university, that might be a good place to start as well, since many university-affiliated medical facilities have staff members that also run private practices that see patients and dermatology is no exception.


Finding a dermatologist Phoenix doctor is just half of the battle; there are a number of other considerations to keep in mind as well when you are choosing the right person. For instance, you want someone that accepts whatever health insurance plan you have. Otherwise, you might end up incurring a great deal of out-of-pocket expenses that can make it hard to keep access to treatment.


Additionally, when booking an appointment with this Phoenix doctor, you want to be seen in a timely fashion, particularly if you are having an issue that needs to be addressed with some immediacy. References are always important and flexible hours are a plus. If you are having skin issues, choosing a dermatologist that specializes – or at least has experience – in those issues can be helpful, as you will have more confidence in your choice of Phoenix doctor if he or she is experienced in this particular area of dermatology.


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