The Importance of a Sports-Related Doctor Visit





Sports physicals are an important part of the student athlete process. It ensures that your child is not only well enough to play, but you, as a parent or loved one, is armed with the information necessary to ensure that your child knows the proper safety precautions and what to look for and expect in terms of the potential for sports-related injuries. Working closely with your Phoenix family physician on sports physicals is key, because your doctor knows your child’s history and can have a conversation with the entire family on what to expect.


A sport physical is a specific exam that evaluates a person’s ability to participate in a sports-related activity. It determines whether or not the person, in most cases a minor child, is in physical condition to play and whether or not there are pre-existing conditions that may preclude the individual from playing safely. Most people have sports physicals at the start of each educational year and in most instances, proof of this exam is required in order to play. These papers ensure that players have been properly evaluated during sports physicals and that, to the best of the physician’s knowledge, no prior pre-existing conditions or current health conditions prevent the player from competing without compromising their health. This is why this physical is such an important part of playing sports.

sportsphysicalOne of the things that many doctors recommend is preparing for sporting events with an eye towards safety. Wearing proper equipment and stretching before performing is key, which is something that will be discussed during a sports physical In addition to talking about family history, illnesses that may have occurred in the past, a physician can also talk to their patients about being alert regarding their health. Aches and pains that don’t seem to be part of the normal wear and tear of playing sports should be brought to the physician’s attention so that internal tissue is not damaged or worn down over time


It is also prudent to speak with sports coaches about safety practices, so that kids playing sports aren’t pushed too hard in the name of competition. This can start at a sports physical, where you can ask your physician for tips on how your child can be effective at play without compromising safety. This is information you can then pass on to the coach, so that other players remain safe while playing as well.


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