Diabetic Eye Care with Comprehensive Healthcare

diabetic eye care phoenix az

One of the greatest benefits of having all of your medical specialists, laboratory, x-ray, and family physician under one roof is the ability to partake in comprehensive healthcare. When medical conditions such as diabetes began to affect other aspects of your health, such as your eyes, our comprehensive team of physicians and specialists can take care of it all under one roof – no middle man, no running around to different location getting referrals, no red tape, just ease of use right here at Family Practice Specialists in Phoenix, AZ.


Diabetic Eye Care with Dr. Anderson

While we’re on the subject of diabetes and your eyes, let’s dive right into diabetic eye care. At Family Practice Specialists, we have added the amazing Dr. David J. Anderson to our comprehensive team of specialists and physicians. With over 20 years in clinical eye-care, his expert knowledge combined with his ‘full scope medical eye-care’ approach and his own recent diagnosis with Type Two Diabetes makes him a wonderful addition to our team.

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