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Do you look at life with a positive attitude? Is your glass always half full? Or do you expect the worst out of situations and anticipate negative conclusions and answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet? One Phoenix Doctor that believes strongly in positive thinking wants you to reconsider your mind set if you are a ‘half-empty’ kind of person. This Phoenix Doctor outlines that your inward attitude, be it pessimistic or optimistic, could be effecting your physical health.

Along with the evidence through personal and professional and insight, this Phoenix Doctor also points out that many studies have shown that a person’s personality traits can impact their wellness and overall wellbeing. Positive thinking is an important part of stress management and comes with many other personal health benefits. Learn about positive thinking in depth from the Phoenix Doctor who promotes to all of their patients.


What Exactly is Positive Thinking?

According to a Phoenix Doctor who routinely practices positive thinking in their own life, positive thinking is the elimination of distractions that keep your mind off the good things in life. This doesn’t mean ignore tough situations, but this Phoenix Doctor says to just handle them as they come. There’s no reason to hide from problems, but there’s also no reason to punish yourself through a constant strand of negative thoughts. Think about the last time you stepped on the scale to discover you had gained weight, or lost a major account at work — what was your reaction? Did you start to plan to making changes and commend yourself for all of the things you did right? Probably not, most of us don’t.


Positive self-talk is when the majority of your inner dialog is productive. This doesn’t mean you need to sound like a personal cheerleader in your thoughts, but sometimes changing gears into a calmer and more rational inner dialog can get you to that positive place. If positive thought doesn’t seem like it comes natural to you, don’t worry, most people need to retrain their minds to get there.


Rewiring your brain can be easy, but might take a little time. Getting to a point where positive self-talk won’t feel natural at first but the process goes in line with the idea of ‘fake it until you make it’. According to the Phoenix Doctor who practices this daily, there’s a few simple steps to getting started.


What this Phoenix Doctor Wants You to do Daily to Rewire Your Mind for Positive Self-Talk:


  • Actively seek out the good in every situation
  • Offer positive reinforcement to others
  • Give yourself positive reinforcement talks
  • Thank at least one person a day for doing something positive
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Be aware of negative inner dialogs and redirect your thought process


Health Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

Of course this Phoenix Doctor wouldn’t promoting changes in self-talk if there weren’t concrete health benefits! Check out the many different proven benefits of positive self-talk to your health.


  • Increase you lifespan
  • Lower depression
  • Limit your body’s physical reaction to stress
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Gain a healthier mind
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Speed up recovery times and healing from minor and major illness
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