Should You Go To The Doctor For A Flu Shot?





This is the time of the year when sickness seems to circulating and the flu is taking over entire households at one time. Many people try to guard against coming down with the flu by getting an annual flu shot. This shot can provide some immunity against the flu, and ensure that you can make it through a season without getting it. A large number of patients get their flu shots at their family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor; however, many more are taking advantage of the flu shots being offered by local drug stores.


When you are trying to determine where to go to get this essential shot, how do you determine the location that is best for you and how much does it really matter in the end?

In the end, the flu shot is the flu shot. However, seeing your family practice Phoenix, AZ for that shot can provide a host of other benefits as well. This is the time to talk about symptoms of the flu, how to avoid getting it and any other health conditions you may have that can be complicated by this virus. Conversely, a drug store shot is generally a revolving door of customers that come through the line to get their shot, with little to no time to discuss medical history or anything of that nature. Moreover, since the pharmacy doctor doesn’t have an accounting of your medical history, he can’t give you a clear idea of how your body might react to the flu shot. These are important factors when getting a flu shot and one of the main reasons why it might be more prudent to visit your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor.


There is also the issue of cost. Most insurance companies will work through your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor when it comes to flu shots and other health screenings and vaccinations. However, this same guarantee is not made when you get a flu shot through the drug store. This could be, in part, because this is not your primary care physician providing the shot and it could be because the drug store is not an approved provider. This is something else to consider when you are trying to decide between a drug store and your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor when it comes to vaccinations like a flu shot.


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