Prepare For Your Flu Shot





When it comes to the task of getting a flu shot annually, many people avoid the process like the plague. This could be due, in part, to the fear of injecting the actual vaccine into your skin or it could be the typical homegrown fear of needles. Whatever the reason, missing a flu shot can be detrimental to your health, causing you to spend weeks in bed because the flu has grounded you completely. Getting a flu shot in Phoenix can be a much less painful and dramatic process if you do a bit of prep work before your appointment. The better prepared you are for your flu shot, the less likely it is to be such a harrowing experience. Consider a few tips to prepare ahead of time:


  • Make the appointment to get your shot: Depending on how busy your doctor’s office is, you may need to call well in advance of preparing for your shot. Standard time frame is generally two weeks; however, some doctor’s offices require a month’s notice and others can do it same day. If you aren’t particular about who administers your flu shot in Phoenix, then you might consider stopping in at your local pharmacy to have it done. Consider your personal time frame when scheduling a flu shot; the shot itself doesn’t take much time, but the wait to get it might take considerably more time and you should be prepared to wait a bit when you arrive for your flu shot in Phoenix.
  • Reinforce your immune system as much as possible: Because there are some side effects from receiving a flu shot in Phoenix, you want to do whatever you can to reinforce your immune system ahead of your shot. Take a few extra capsules of Vitamin C each day and be sure not to skip on any of your daily supplements and/or vitamins. This not only makes you feel better, but your body will be in optimal condition to receive the flu shot in Phoenix.
  • Do a little detox: The better you can make your body feel ahead of the shot, the better the entire process will go. Reduce your levels of caffeinated beverages, particularly on the day of the flu shot in Phoenix. The more jittery you are, the more your anxiety will build surrounding the shot. Detox a bit off of fatty foods and other refined sugars. Eat as healthy as possible, so that your body is in peak condition ahead of the shot.
  • Utilize whatever relaxation methods you deem necessary: If you need to bring your favorite stuffed animal with you, do it. If you can stream Enya through your earbuds and iPod, then do that. The more you can relax, the better your body will receive the shot and the lower your general anxiety will be. Do whatever you need to do to relax ahead of the flu shot in Phoenix, during and after it. This is key because the more you tense your muscle while receiving the shot, the more tender the spot may be afterwards, so relaxation is an important part of the process.
  • Ask for a cold compress in advance: If you are the type to hurt or bruise easily and want to avoid this, request a cold compress from your doctor’s office when you arrive for your flu shot in Phoenix. If your doc can apply the compress directly after the shot, chances are good that you can avoid nasty swelling and the development of an angry red rash. However, if you do develop any side effects following the shot, it is important to let your doctor know as soon as possible to ensure that you aren’t experiencing anything more serious than the usual effects.
  • Avoid asking other people about their experience: Everyone is going to be different and have a completely different experience when it comes to receiving a flu shot in Phoenix. You can’t gauge your possible experience by that of another person’s; in fact, all that you will do with your inquiries is cause yourself further anxiety. Avoid this by not even asking about someone else’s experience and prepare for your own flu shot in Phoenix accordingly.
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