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Happy 2013! With a Happy New Year always comes those pesky New Year’s Resolutions; the ones that seem to disappear within the first few weeks. Throughout the course of our history, the most popular New Year’s Resolutions have always been to drink less, eat healthier, lose weight, manage stress, quit smoking, save money and save money, according to How about taking a different route this year, and instead of simply writing down those resolutions in hope that they’ll stick, talk to your Phoenix family physician about some realistic goals for 2013.


Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

In order to make these 2013 resolutions actually stick, perhaps for the first time every, it’s important to be realistic with yourself. Deciding that you want to win the lottery in 2013 might not be a realistic resolution, but deciding to buy a lottery ticket every Saturday morning might be something a bit more actionable. At Family Practice Specialists, our Phoenix physicians put their heads together to compile the most actionable, realistic list of New Year’s Resolutions and tips for keeping them:


Don’t Call Them Resolutions – The first tip in setting and keeping realistic 2013 New Year’s Resolutions is to NOT call them New Year’s Resolutions. That term implies that they are short-term, unrealistic and aren’t meant to last past January. Everyone knows that New Year’s Resolutions were made to be broken. So, call them Goals. This way, you have something attainable. Goals are meant to be met.


Reward Yourself – In keeping to those 2013 goals, reward yourself along the way. Set monthly goals, such as avoiding fast foods for an entire month, or perhaps just a week. If you can meet your goal, reward yourself with something special.


Be Positive – Our Arcadia family physicians really stress this goal in 2013. We find that New Year’s Resolutions often come with negative attitudes; “I’m not going to keep them so why make them…I look overweight anyways, what’s the point…I’m too tired to even get started.” Knocking yourself down before you even get started is one of the paramount reasons why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, and you feel worse off then before you made them. Set your realistic goals, then remain positive about them through each week of the year. Once you start thinking positively about yourself, and others, you’ll notice that it comes easier and easier, until your halfway through the year and feeling wonderful!


Laugh At Yourself – Taking life less seriously is the key to happiness, according to many of our Phoenix doctors. If you can laugh at yourself, at the good times and bad, and remain positive and humorous no matter what life throws at you in 2013, you’ll keep your stress levels down, increase serotonin and happiness, and ultimately feel better about every situation.


Relax – In 2013, add Relaxation to your Goals! You need to take time out for yourself, whether that means longer walks, meditation, yoga, more vacation or sleeping in longer on the weekends, you need to give yourself a break. At Family Practice Specialists, throughout the years we’ve found that increased stress, lack of sleep and ignoring ones own needs most often leads to sickness and poor health. Taking care of everyone around you can be fulfilling, but taking care of yourself can be the healthiest goal you set in 2013.


About Family Practice Specialists 

Take it from the professionals at FPS, setting realistic goals for 2013 is a wonderful idea, but making them actionable and positive is the most important thing. If you need some help setting those healthy goals, make an appointment with one of our physicians today. Give us a call at 602.955.8700 or visit our offices located at 4350 E. Camelback Rd., Ste F100, Phoenix, AZ 85018.

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