Muscle and Joint Pain Management during this Arizona Winter

winter joint and muscle pain

Winter months can bring extra aches and pains for many different reasons, and your local Phoenix physician can help you fight off the pain this winter with these tips for muscle and joint pain management.

Your Phoenix physician recommends taking extra Vitamin D

One of the most common health problems during the winter months is a lack of Vitamin D. Your skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sunlight but there is less sunlight during the winter months and you also spend more time indoors. To make sure that you have enough Vitamin D for your joints, your Phoenix physician recommends taking a Vitamin D supplement which can help you with joint pain management. Vitamin D is a safe supplement when taken at the recommended doses, and if you have any questions about how much you should be taking you can speak with your Phoenix physician.
Your Phoenix physician recommends getting a physical

If you haven’t had a physical in a while, you should schedule one with your local Phoenix physician. You might have a chronic undiagnosed illness such as arthritis or fibromyalgia that can benefit from treatment. If it has been a while since your last physical, go ahead and schedule one with your local Phoenix physician, and your Phoenix physician might be able to give you a diagnosis.
Keep exercising during the winter

Your Phoenix physician recommends that you get as much exercise as you can during the winter. If you like to jog outside you can still exercise outdoors during cold weather, just be sure to bundle up. Your Phoenix physician also recommends exercising indoors at the gym during the winter months. You should try to maintain your regular exercise routine no matter what time of the year it is, even though a lot of people tend to decrease their exercise during the winter.
Your Phoenix physician reminds you to continue to eat healthy foods

Eating healthy during the winter can help you with your joint pain, blood circulation and more. Whole grain foods are known to be warming and you should try to consume natural lean meats and other high protein foods which can help you warm and provide consistent energy throughout the day. Your Phoenix physician reminds you that eating healthy while maintaining your regular exercise routine is one of the best things that you can do during the winter for your joints and muscles.
Stay as warm as you can

The cold weather can definitely make your pain worse, so be sure to bundle up any time that you have to go outside. Wear layers and pad your legs with leggings or thermals. Keeping yourself warm when you are outside will reduce your joint and muscle pains this Arizona winter.


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