Kids and Allergies Don’t Mix: What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know


Allergy season is just beginning and already the pollen count is nearing record highs – made obvious by the amount of yellow cars we keep seeing and red eyed allergy suffers all around. When your little one is suffering, they do not have to go it alone, even if they can’t take powerful medications for relief. Helping your little ones may be easier than you think, especially if you are willing to make minor changes.


Little Allergies Can Mean Big Problems

Understanding the consequences of allergies in children is important and your child’s Phoenix pediatrician will need to know if your child is suffering. On an even very basic level, allergies can distress children in different ways than they do adults; many kids are even emotionally impacted by illness. Allergies can cause a child to miss out on many important things in their lives, including education – when a child has to miss school for many sick days related to allergies, it’s very hard to get caught back up.


A child who suffers from allergen related illnesses are also impacted socially as they often miss out on playing outside, and inside when they feel really bad, with their peers. More serious are the risks to the health of a child with allergies. While allergen related sickness can start off seemingly common, it can develop into more. Blockages in the respiratory system can lead to infections and increase the seriousness of other illnesses – for example, should a child who is suffering from allergies also get a virus, their immune system will be greatly compromised and this can lead to serious complications.


What You Can Do At Home to Help

A big problem parents face is they feel they cannot do much for their children with allergies because kids can’t take the same kinds of aggressive treatments as most adults. Many medications are available in children’s dosages, especially for older children, but most parents don’t want to constantly administer medications to their little ones.


Beat childhood allergies with this checklist:


-Don’t go outside during times of day with the highest pollen count – usually in the morning
-Set up a cool mist humidifier next to your child’s bed while they sleep
-Have your child wear a dust mask when outside
-Let your child sit in the bathroom with the hot shower running
-Make sure your child is getting plenty of water to flush their system out
*Consult your child’s pediatrician immediately if they are having trouble breathing, develop a chronic cough, or have a fever.


Family Practice Specialist Pediatricians

This allergy season has already proven to be a very rough one, and not just for adults. Arizona seasonal allergies have hit hard, and with windy days, dust storms, and an over-abundance of allergens in the air from flowers and weeds in full bloom, there is no better time to get your child in to their pediatrician than right now.


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