How Does Weather Affect Joint and Muscle Pain?

arthritis in arizona

Surprisingly, the weather can cause or contribute to joint and muscle pains. In particular, cold weather and rainy weather may affect some conditions like arthritis. If you have joint pain or muscle pain that seems to be affected by the weather, you should contact your Phoenix physician for a physical or diagnosis, as you may have arthritis or another joint problem that can be treated by your Phoenix physician.


Rainy weather might be linked to extra arthritis pain

Joint pain can flare up for those with arthritis during rainy weather. Although the exact reason why this happens is unclear, it is thought to be related to barometric pressure and its effect on the joints. The theory is that high air pressure prevents the joint tissues from expanding. The lower air pressure that sets in before bad weather comes may allow the joint tissues to expand on a microscopic level and cause extra pain for arthritis suffers.


What your Phoenix physician might recommend for joint pain

If you have joint pain during bad weather there are a few things you can do to reduce your pain that your Phoenix physician might recommend. Dress in layers and try to stay as warm as possible during cold or rainy weather, and keep your bed warm with an electric blanket or multiple blankets.


Talk to your Phoenix physician if you have consistent joint pain

If you are concerned about your joint and muscle pain and have experienced extra pain during cold or rainy weather you may very well be suffering from arthritis and should speak to a Phoenix physician for a proper diagnosis. Your local Phoenix physician can prescribe a large number of different treatments to help you with your joint and muscle pain. Your Phoenix physician will also often recommend regular exercise depending on your ability to tolerate pain while exercising.


If you live with joint and muscle pain, give us a call today. We can help!

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