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In the southeast and southwestern portions of the U.S., flu season is starting early and with a vengeance. Usually kicking off around Thanksgiving, many a Phoenix doctor — as well as physicians around the southern half of the country — is reporting more cases of the flu starting earlier than usual. This could be due to a number of factors, however, it is a good time to see your Phoenix doctor about that flu shot that you may have been putting off.


Flu Shots in Phoenix

The flu generally starts to spread around the holidays after students come back from the northern areas or as the virus gains traction in late December/early January. However, a number of Phoenix doctors are reporting earlier cases. This could be a precursor to more reports of cases of the flu this season, which is another reason to go ahead and get the shot from your Phoenix doctor.

It is important to get your flu shot from your Phoenix doctor in advance because it takes between two and three weeks for the antibodies to build up in your system, protecting you from the virus. Moreover, if you get your flu shot annually, then you build up a savings of sorts in your “immunological” savings account, providing you with further protection from the virus annually.

Additionally, because the flu strain is constantly changing in terms of the strains a Phoenix doctor may see from year to year, a past flu shot may still be protecting you from a strain that may appear this year that wasn’t circulating as heavily as last year.

Moreover, the newer injections tend to hurt less, as the latest needle styles are smaller and go just under the skin instead of directly into the muscle. However, there are still a few side effects, though they are not comparable to the effects of actually coming down with the flu. Symptoms generally disappear within a few days, versus the weeks that the flu can keep you in bed.

Despite the mildness of last year’s flu activity, patients should take note from the fact that this year’s strains are starting to circulate early. It’s a good time to visit your Phoenix doctor and get vaccinated. This is particularly poignant if predictions of a worse flu season than last year hold true, as it may be too late to get a shot once the flu has already started circulating among friends and family.

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