Be Safe this 4th of July Holiday – Tips and Advice from Phoenix Physicians

4th of july safety tips

‘Tis the weekend for parties, fireworks and fun. It’s also the most deadliest day to travel on roads, one of the most active nights for local emergency rooms with burns and fire-related injuries, and is an extremely active time for pool drownings. While the 4th of July is a joyous time, as a Phoenix physician I can’t stress enough the importance of being safe.


Pool Parties

It’s hot this 4th of July, and that means more pool parties than last year here in Phoenix, AZ. This is a wonderful thing! It’s also a scary thing. Phoenix physicians worry not only about drownings, but about head injuries from diving in shallow pools. Safety absolutely needs to come first at these 4th of July pool parties.


  1. Rules: We know that it can be difficult to have rules at a pool party, but your guests need to know what’s acceptable and what is not acceptable for pool safety.
  2. Life Guard: Phoenix physicians see it all the time – you think someone else is watching the kids, and the next thing you know there is a pool safety accident. Don’t assume that parents are watching their own kids, especially if there is alcohol and food around. You absolutely need to assign the life guard duties to one person, and have that one person be in charge.
  3. Emergency Preparedness: On the occasion that an pool accident does occur, every Phoenix physician will tell you that the best plan of action is to be prepared. Know CPR. Keep a phone handy. Have a first aid kit near the pool.



Every 4th of July, Phoenix physicians and emergency rooms are bombarded with firework injuries. With that said, it’s pretty simple to be safe around fireworks. Common sense will always win.


  1. Have an Extinguisher on Hand: You need to have a hose and extinguisher ready and close by. When the fireworks are finished, water them down before tossing them in the trash.
  2. Wear Safety Glasses: Even a pair of sunglasses will work just fine, but you’ll need to keep your eyes protected. Phoenix physicians have seen many patients over the years with eye injuries from 4th of July fireworks.
  3. Dud Fireworks: Every so often you’ll come across a ‘dud.’ DO NOT try to relight this firework.. Wait several minutes before even approaching this firework. Most firework experts will tell you to wait a full 20 minutes before soaking that dud firework in a bucket of water.



Statistically, the 4th of July is the most dangerous night of the year for car accidents and DUI’s. Fourth of July is more deadly on the roads then even New Year’s Eve. Again, use common sense when it comes to the roadways on this holiday.


  • We only have on tip – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!
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