Aunt Rita’s Foundation Annual AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K

Join Family Practice Specialists in Sponsoring the AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run

FPS is proud to sponsor Aunt Rita’s Foundation in its annual AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run.  We invite you to join us in supporting this cause!

The AIDS Walk began in Phoenix in 1987 and quickly grew to become a community-wide event that at its peak raised nearly $1 million dollars. Sadly, the agency that hosted the event closed its doors in 2003. The AIDS Walk may have disappeared from Phoenix in 2003 – but HIV/AIDS had not. Infection rates are on the rise, and our communities, especially the Latino and African American communities, have experienced alarming increases in the number of people testing positive for HIV. More people need care than ever before, but federal and private funding for medical care and supportive services continues to decline. Additionally, the lack of HIV education and awareness throughout our community only made number of new HIV cases increase. More than ever, our community needed AIDS Walk Phoenix & 5K Run.

In 2007, a group of individuals approached Aunt Rita’s Foundation asking to revive the event. Aunt Rita’s, which had mainly focused on their signature SAVORLife fundraiser, agreed. AIDS Walk Phoenix & 5K Run has been steadily increasing in visibility and in funds raised since its reintroduction in 2008. In 2014 AIDS Walk was expanded statewide and the name was officially changed to AIDS Walk Arizona & 5K Run.

FPS is supporting team Grupo Amigo. Grupo Amigo is a group of friends united to earn money for HIV/AIDS awareness, detection, treatment and prevention. Their goal is to raise $10,000 before the October 25, 2015 event. Donations are welcomed online at this address:  Find out more by visiting:

Please join us in our efforts to raise money for this worthy cause and help support various needs of people who live afflicted and struggling against this disease.

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