Arizona Wind Causes a Surge in Allergy Sufferers

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Countless residents in the AZ region are suffering from the infamous Arizona allergies made worse by gusting winds. Having an allergy, or several allergies, is amongst the top five of the most common chronic health afflictions in the United States. Recent stretches of windy days in the state have caused a major influx of residents with allergy symptoms. Living with allergens in the wind is a reality that residents in other states do not have to live with – but people who reside in Arizona know the scenario all too well.


Unique Properties of the Wind in Arizona

Arizona is home to many different kinds of allergenic plants which cause people to have watery, itchy eyes and a runny nose. In addition to native plants contributing to a high pollen density, the composition and activity of the wind in Arizona is different than wind in other regions – although just a windy day without any help can cause allergens in the environment to stir up and enter the air you breathe.


Because of the dry climate in the region, the wind is dehydrated and will not kill pollen and other elements, this allows allergens to travel up to 50 miles from the point of origin. Wind that is blowing through your town is likely carrying many different particles across the wide area it travels.


Short Term Solutions for Arizona Allergies

Residents in Arizona can expect to deal with windy days far more than people from other areas. Just because the wind makes your allergy symptoms more frequent and severe, it does not mean that it is time to move to a different part of the country. When the wind is making you miserable, it may be time to take action if you want to find relief.


The first choice you need to make is to limit your exposure to allergens in the environment; this typically involves staying indoors on very windy days and during times of the day when the pollen count is the highest. While it is undoubtedly inconvenient, if you have outdoor events planned on windy days, you should consider rescheduling or skipping these engagements. Some people find that wearing a basic dust mask is minimally uncomfortable and allows them to spend some time outside on windy days. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of your doctor for more ways to treat allergies.


Family Practice Specialists

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