Allergy Alert: Rain the Phoenix Forecast

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Rain in Arizona means two things, Phoenix residents will inevitably post hundreds of rainy photos and rainy updates to the social media feeds and the weatherman will predictably call this storm a ‘big winter storm’ to prepare for. Phoenix traffic will be horrible, much worse than usual, parents will complain and kids will play in the rain. The atmosphere in Phoenix changes when a storm rolls in and rain begins to poor. There’s excitement, relief and tension. As a Phoenix physician, there are two things that I know the storm will bring; allergy relief immediately followed by allergy panic.

The Rain and Your Allergies

The rain has a funny affect on allergies. As it rains, it tends to clear the air of pollens and brings relief to those suffering from seasonal allergies. And then as it clears and the flowers and weeds bloom from the sudden exposure to rain and then sun, pollen fills the air in intense proportions, wreaking havoc on allergy symptoms.


Rain is a dichotomy for allergy sufferers. In Arizona, we LOVE the rain as it’s happening. The air is so fresh and clean, and you can literally smell and feel the crisp atmosphere. However, in the springtime when plants are blooming and weeds are tossing allergens everywhere, this oncoming storm will no doubt spur great amounts of increased pollen in the air.


Besides pollen and increased allergens in the air that the day after rain can bring, mold is another issue during the spring and rainy season. Rain spurs mold growth, which can greatly impact your allergy symptoms. Be sure to have your home checked for any leaks after a rainy day. This is the best time to see if you have a leak problem, which could lead to mold in your Phoenix home.


According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, as many as one out of every five adults and 40% of children suffer from seasonal allergies. For asthma sufferers, the rain is a good thing as it does tend to clear the air a bit from not only pollen, but other pollutants as well.


See a Phoenix Physician Today, Before the Rain!

We know there’s a big storm coming on Friday and Saturday. We also know that the storm will bring some allergy symptom relief followed by increased suffering. As Phoenix doctors and Phoenix residents, if we know all of this ahead of time it’s important to get in to talk to you Family Practice Specialist about avoiding the awful allergy symptoms that are just around the corner.


Make an appointment today to get a prescription filled or get some advice on how to avoid those impending allergy symptoms that will set in just after the storm passes. Get ahead of these seasonal allergy symptoms today, not after the storm.


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