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We provide high-quality, compassionate care with many additional services right in our office. Our services include comprehensive laboratory, x-rays, bone density testing, detailed hearing evaluations, cardiac function testing, glaucoma screenings, and a full array of procedures. If you feel you may benefit from any of these testings, please contact us.


Watch Videos about new Dermatology Services & Products

We offer a full range of dermatology services in addition to cosmetic skin procedures including Restylane®; the leading dermal filler and long-lasting wrinkle corrector through a physician, dermatologist or a nurse practitioner.

Dermatology Cosmetic Services Forms
Restylane Perlane Instructions and Consent Forms

Glaucoma Screenings
We care about protecting your vision by providing glaucoma screening. Glaucoma has no symptoms and causes permanent irreversible vision loss. With proper screening the conditions that lead to glaucoma can be detected and treated. At Family Practice Specialists, we use the latest generational design of the handheld applanation tonometer to insure quick accurate glaucoma readings. This provides you, the patient, with a higher standard of care while reducing your risk of glaucoma by early detection.

If you need an x-ray in most cases you can have it during your office visit at Family Practice Specialists, rather than traveling to another medical facility. An on-site Radiology department and other imaging services are provided for your convenience. Hours are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and Saturdays 8am-12pm.

Comprehensive Laboratory
We provide many additional services right in our office rather than sending you to a different location for a diagnostic test or procedure you may need. In our full-service lab, we do our own analysis. You won’t have to wait up to a week to get the results; most likely, you’ll get your results by the next day. Our CLIA licensed laboratory has earned a 100% rating and the “Award of Excellence” from COLA (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation).

Bone Density Testing
We provide comprehensive testing to reveal vertebral fractures and measure bone density to assist in determining your risk for osteoporosis. At Family Practice Specialists, we use DXA bone densitometry with Instant Vertebral Assessment, an advanced technology that insures painless and accurate bone density testing. This provides you, the patient, with an opportunity for early detection that is essential in decreasing the risk of future fractures and beginning a therapeutic intervention that may even reverse the bone-loss process.

Cardiac Function Testing
For your heart, we provide advanced EKGs and cardiac output testing also know as BioZ®. This completely noninvasive test, BioZ®, is a performed right in our offices and provides your physician valuable information regarding your heart. At Family Practice Specialist we are concerned with your heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States as of 2007, and with early testing and making simple lifestyle changes, you can prevent or slow the development of heart disease.

Botox and Jan Marini skin care:
This is the Botox and Jan Marini skin care line season, now more than ever! Kate Montgomery, FNP and Alisha Archibeck, D.O. are offering Botox services right now. Please call 602.955.8700 to take advantage of this great treatment.

Travel Immunizations
Travel Immunizations are being offered by Arcadia Physicians Travel Clinic. Please visit their web site for further details and appointment opportunities.

Would you like to see a doctor without waiting or leaving the comfort of your home? Dr. Goldman and Dr. Southwell offer high-quality, convenient care on your schedule through telemedicine. Now you can request a prescription refill, get an answer to a quick question orreceive treatment for a minor medical issue—all from your home. Learn more about telemedicine from Family Practice Specialists.

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