Top 10 Natural Ways to Enhance Your White Blood Cell Count and Immune System


White blood cells work together with to battle infections. There are some natural ways you can increase your white blood cells and boost your immune system. By taking sufficient quantities of the following foods, minerals and vitamins, you can boost your white blood cell counts.

  1. Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is one of the most crucial antioxidants and immune boosters.  Vitamin E encourages the making of killer cells that kill germs and cancer cells. It also boosts the manufacture of cells from the immune system that produce antibodies to kill bacteria. You can get Vitamin E from seeds and grains or supplements.
  1. Zinc
    Zinc is a mineral essential in manufacturing of white blood cells to fight infection. It enables white blood cells to release antibodies. You can also get zinc from your meals and also supplements.
  1. Selenium
    The mineral helps in combating infections and also aids in building up the white blood cells in your body.

  1. Green Tea
    Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that improves the immune system and help the body fight infection. It also encourages the body to make more white blood cells.
  1. Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is among the most effective vitamins that enhance your immune system within a short time. You can acquire it authentically Vitamin C by eating fruits and vegetables or opt to take supplements. It boosts the levels of interferon, an antibody that covers the surface of your cells and prevents viruses from entering them.
  1. Carotenoids
    The mineral increases the quantity of T-cells, the natural killer cells. It is also a strong antioxidant that cleans the vicious free radicals that cause so much harm to the body and lead to untimely aging. Foods that contain beta carotene lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    These are minerals you can find in fatty fish such as salmon and also in flax oil. They boost the immune system by increasing phagocytes. Phagocytes are white blood cells that eat up bacteria. Fatty acids also shield the body from harm that occurs when the body over-reacts to an infection.
  1. Vitamin A
    When you increase the Vitamin A you take daily, the quantity of lymphocyte white blood cells also increases. They attack and deal with any foreign invaders in the body and cancer cells. Your body manufactures some Vitamin A but you a good supplement can also amplify your immune fighting capacity.
  1. Yogurt
    Probiotics that are in yogurt boost your count of white blood cells and strengthens the immune system.
  1. Garlic
    Garlic promotes the capability of white blood cells to fight infections and stimulates the other cells in action.


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