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Acne can cause a wide range of issues in those that must suffer with it; from damaging the confidence of teens struggling with acne to denting the self-esteem of adults that find themselves dealing with the onset of acne later in life. For some, resolving acne issues requires the assistance of a Phoenix doctor specializing in dermatology. However, there are ways that you can deal with the presence of acne and move towards healthier skin.


Resolving acne issues starts with a quality skin care regimen. For instance, it is important to wash your face twice a day with a mild cleansing agent to remove impurities. Those that already have problems with acne should actually consult with a Phoenix doctor on whether or not to use a cleanser that is specially formulated for skin that is prone to break-outs. It is important not to scrub when washing your face as this can cause the skin to become more irritated than it already is, which can make the appearance of acne seem worse than it is.


After washing your face, you should then use a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide to help deal with the acne. If you are struggling with a more severe case of it, then you might consult with a Phoenix doctor for a stronger and more effective product – perhaps something of prescription strength – to use within your regimen.


In addition to products and medications aimed at taking out acne, your Phoenix doctor will likely advise you to avoid touching your face. The more you touch your face if you are already struggling with acne, the more oils and other impurities you introduce to your skin, causing the pores to more easily become clogged. Additionally, when you are in the midst of a breakout, it is important not to try to pop each bump, as it can leave behind a scar, which is a fact of which your Phoenix doctor will likely advise you. In fact, as hard as it can be, the best thing to do when you are having a breakout to cleanse the skin, but leave the bumps alone until they bust on their own.


A doctor specializing in dermatology – or a full-fledged dermatologist – can give you additional directives on how to resolve acne. It can be tricky and requires persistent treatment, sometimes over extended periods of time. However, working with a professional helps and will go a long way towards ensuring that treatment is effective and helpful.


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