Tips On Preparing For Medicare Wellness Exams





When you are preparing to get a medical exam of any type, you should treat it like something that requires preparation. After all, this is your opportunity to talk with your doctor about potential health issues, ask questions about things that might seem “off” to you and get a general idea of your picture of health and how to improve on it.


To prepare, start by notating any symptoms you might be having on a regular basis. Write down everything from an inability to sleep well at night to any feelings of tiredness during the day to nutritional and exercise habits. The more information you can provide during Medicare wellness exams, the more thorough your doctor can be in testing you for any potential health conditions and assessing your general state of health. Even the smallest and seemingly insignificant symptoms can be indicators of underlying conditions, so write those down as well.


Next, jot down general questions for the doctor. Since many doctors doing Medicare wellness exams are on limited time, it helps to write down anything you want to ask, so as not to waste yours or the doctors time during the visit. If the office allows, you can even email these questions ahead of time so that the doctor has a chance to look at them before even coming in the room.


The questions should be specific to your health situation and should be something that you can’t easily find the answer to just by searching the Internet. So, for instance, if you are going to ask a question about your health, ask about it in relation to your body or your diagnosis, such as questioning the doctor during Medicare wellness exams about a disease progress in your body or how to accomplish a health-related goal. Asking general questions, such as how to know if you are at a healthy weight or what the symptoms are of this disease or that one is information that can be researched during your own time.


Finally, make sure to keep appointments for Medicare wellness exams. Chances are, this is the only annual you are going to have during the calendar year, since Medicare does not allow the traditional annual visit if you’ve had a wellness exam for Medicare. Keep that in mind during your appointment, so that you can make the most of it.


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