Tips On Obtaining Perfect Skin in Phoenix




When it comes to making sure your skin is healthy and clear, there are more than a few considerations to keep in mind. Phoenix dermatologists can often provide the best advice on how to strike a balance between skin that looks great, but is healthy underneath as well. Obtaining perfect skin has nothing to do with make-up to cover up blemishes or engaging in numerous treatments geared towards creating this appearance of “perfection.” Rather, perfect skin is the healthiest possible skin you can cultivate and this comes with knowing what the experts know. Consider a few tips:


    • Lighten up on the sunscreen: Not as in, forgo it, but rather looking for a liquid sunscreen that isn’t as heavy as the creamy stuff. Since there is less to soak into your skin, it doesn’t give you that greasy feeling you can sometimes get with the more heavy-duty stuff. If you get the truly oil-free variety, then you can ensure that your pores don’t get clogged as well.

    • Ease up on the moisturizer: If your skin is already naturally oily or you have pores that clog easily from the products you use, moisturizer isn’t going to necessarily help the cause. If you are going to use a moisturizer, use one that is fairly lightweight, particularly if don’t have dry skin. This is particularly key during the warmer months out of the year; during the winter months, you can go with something a bit heavier.


    • You can stop sweating before it gets the best of you: Might seem like an odd trick, but it’s effective. Consult with your Phoenix doctor if you have excessive sweating; however, for lighter sweaters, use a hair dryer to blow cool air under your arms ahead of putting on your antiperspirant for the day. This helps you not to sweat excessively in this area.


  • Stymy breakouts on other areas of the body: Dermatology is about all of your skin, not just the face. Your Phoenix doctor can likely recommend any number of treatments for issues with breakouts. However, you might consider using a body wash with salicylic acid to guard against breakouts on the skin around the body.


The more tips you can utilize to create healthier skin, the more likely it is that your skin will look as close to perfect as possible. If you are unsure about a method, you might consider asking your Phoenix doctor about potential treatments to ensure that they will be effective.
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