Coping with Stress in the Face of Tragedy

Stress_Boston MarathonRecently, this nation has been challenged by unthinkable tragedy. In one week, we have faced the Boston bombings, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, and a very intense manhunt for terrorists on American soil – prior to that we were faced with the unthinkable Newtown Massacre that claimed the lives of many of our youth and educators. Even during a so called “normal” day in this country, all we have to do is turn on the news to hear about standoffs, robberies, fatal accidents, and political issues that threaten our very way of life!


These terrible events have caused us to fear things we never thought we would – sending our children to school, going to work, traveling, and going to sporting events. Even those who do not experience these horrible tragedies in person feel the deep emotional impact and if you do not learn to manage your stress and anxiety, it can take over your life! Learn about stress management and natural ways to cope with emotions that cause stress.
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