Phoenix Seasonal Allergies: Kids and Prevention


The past few weeks have wreaked havoc on our allergies here in Arizona . As parents, it’s difficult to see our little ones suffering with seasonal allergies in Phoenix, and yet there is some steps that you can take before you’re sitting on the couch with a nebulizer and crying toddler. From all-natural allergy solutions for kids to over-the-counter medications to preventative measures, our Family Practice Specialists have put together an all-inclusive list of resources for you and your family during this Arizona allergy season.


Stay Indoors – Nothing beats staying away from the allergens that cause the entire mess in the first place. Since we had such a wet winter, and such a warm (so far) spring, flowers of every type, shape and size are in full bloom in Phoenix, which means the pollen count is out of control. The best way to prevent seasonal allergies for the kids is to simply stay indoors.
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Natural Remedies for Arizona Allergies

natural allergy relief

Thousands of residents in Arizona are suffering from allergy symptoms – and with spring just beginning, there is no foreseeable end in sight. While over the counter and prescription medications may help to alleviate symptoms in many, others cannot take medications for allergy symptoms due to adverse side effects, preexisting medical conditions, or because of lifestyle choice. For those who can’t rely on allergy medications, there is still hope for help this spring. Below are the ten most effective natural remedies for allergy symptom relief.


10. Acupuncture

The ancient practice of acupuncture predates modern medicine and is still used today to address many different aliments. While the jury is still out about its effectiveness on relieving allergy symptoms, limited research suggests it may be worth a try. This is one natural treatment you don’t want to try at home!

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Arizona Wind Causes a Surge in Allergy Sufferers

seasonal allergies in phoenix

Countless residents in the AZ region are suffering from the infamous Arizona allergies made worse by gusting winds. Having an allergy, or several allergies, is amongst the top five of the most common chronic health afflictions in the United States. Recent stretches of windy days in the state have caused a major influx of residents with allergy symptoms. Living with allergens in the wind is a reality that residents in other states do not have to live with – but people who reside in Arizona know the scenario all too well.


Unique Properties of the Wind in Arizona

Arizona is home to many different kinds of allergenic plants which cause people to have watery, itchy eyes and a runny nose. In addition to native plants contributing to a high pollen density, the composition and activity of the wind in Arizona is different than wind in other regions – although just a windy day without any help can cause allergens in the environment to stir up and enter the air you breathe.

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An Early Arizona Allergy Season

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It’s here: allergy season, and it’s here in Phoenix a bit earlier then usual. Arizona allergy season tends to span from the end of March until the middle of May, but this year due to the crazy weather that Arizona has seen, allergy season is here in full swing and it’s only March 4th! Now, I’m a Phoenix physician and not a meteorologist, but with the rain, hail, even snow that much of valley has seen over the past few weeks, it stands to reason that pollen and new flowers are in full bloom, leading to increased allergens in the air.
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