How to Know When To Go To The Doctor




This is the season when sickness seems to be more prevalent; it is the season for flus, colds and other illnesses that seem to spread like wildfire through the population. This is because cold weather tends to drive people indoors for longer periods of time, so it is easier for viruses to circulate. However, when you get sick, how do you know if you need to visit the family practice Phoenix doctor? Consider a few tips to help you make the decision:


  • If symptoms persist more than a few days: If you are feeling really icky with no improvement for more than a few days, then you might need to make an appointment with your family practice Phoenix doctor. This is because the symptoms might represent an underlying health issue or you may need antibiotics to start to mend.

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Prep Your Child For A Doctor’s Visit





If you have a family practice Phoenix doctor, chances are you’ve had to attend the doctor with your child on tow. Perhaps it was for a dual visit or maybe your child needed an annual check-up; no matter what the reason, taking a child to visit the doctor is no easy feat to accomplish. Whether they have a fear of strangers or just don’t’ want a shot from the man in the white coat, dragging your child to the doctor willingly is practically unheard of. Consider a few tips to make the process easier with your little one:


  • Talk about it in advance: Have conversations about the appointment so that your child knows what to expect. Often, if kids know what’s to come, they are much less fearful of it. Allow your child to ask questions and try to answer them as honestly as possible, so as to arm your little one with enough information to make the family practice Phoenix doctor visit seem like a perfectly normally occurrence and not something unusual or scary.
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Steps Towards Better Eye Care As A Diabetic





When you have diabetes, it seems as though you are stuck managing just about every aspect of your condition. From watching your fluid intake to keep your kidneys healthy to eating nutritiously for better heart health to monitoring care of your extremities to guard against neuropathic issues, it seems as though there is so much to keep in mind when you are diabetic.


This is true and your eyes are just another thing to add to the list. Diabetic eye care is poignant because the condition attacks the eyes as well as other areas of the body. Your family practice in Phoenix, AZ might monitor this closely, but it is equally important to do your part to ensure that your eyes stay as healthy as possible. With that in mind, consider some steps towards managing your eye care when you have diabetes.


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