Monsoons and Barometric Pressure Migraines – How to Cope

monsoon season and migraines

The valley saw it’s first big dust storm of monsoon season, and with it has come a flush of calls regarding headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, this is to be expected during the Arizona monsoon season. As barometric pressure rises, migraine sufferers tend to feel the brunt of it. But, of course, as experience Phoenix physicians who have been in the valley for many, many monsoon seasons, we have a few monsoon and migraine tips for you.

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5 Natural Ways to Cure Migraines in Arizona

preventing migraines in Arizona

Have you ever had that irritating migraine that just will not go away?  You have no medicine in the house and it is too painful to drive to the store or your Phoenix doctor to get some?  Below are five natural ways, depending on the severity and the frequency of your migraines, that you can cure your migraine without having to leave the house.



One thing that has been linked to migraines is magnesium deficiency.  There have been multiple studies done that have shown positive effects of having increased magnesium.  The studies show that the severity and frequency of migraines is reduced when supplemental magnesium is ingested.

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