What is Valley Fever?

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If you’re new to Arizona , you probably haven’t heard the term Valley Fever. In reality, you might not ever hear it, even if you do live in Phoenix for many years. However, it is important to have an understanding of what Valley Fever is, what the symptoms of Valley Fever are, when you should visit a Phoenix physician and what Valley Fever treatment options are. So, let the physicians at Family Practice Specialistswalk you through the basics of Valley Fever.

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Are you Too Sick to Go To Work?





How do you know if you’re too sick to go to work? Should you tough it out and make that money, or take care of yourself and stay in bed today? With the flu season in Phoenix in full swing, it’s sometimes hard to make that decision, and sometimes harder when the boss wants a doctor’s note. Getting a note from your Phoenix physician is easy, it’s deciding whether to make that appointment and miss work or not that ‘s difficult. So, the expert doctors at Family Practice Specialists have put together a list of considerations for making this decision.


To Stay Home Or Not…

In today’s workplace environment, a day off is more than a luxury, it’s a miracle. Days off for vacation, even time off for lunch, are nearly impossible to come by. But, with the flu season coming on so strongly this year in Arizona, there are times when you’ll need to take your own health and the health of your family into focus. At times like these, your priorities need to change from making money to playing it safe. When you miss one day over one week, your boss will understand.


Ask yourself the following questions when considering staying home or not: Would you be a danger to others? Is your judgment impaired? Are you thinking clearly? Is your lack of productivity going to hurt the company? And do you think you’re contagious? (Huffington Post)
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Flu Season Getting An Early Start





In the southeast and southwestern portions of the U.S., flu season is starting early and with a vengeance. Usually kicking off around Thanksgiving, many a Phoenix doctor — as well as physicians around the southern half of the country — is reporting more cases of the flu starting earlier than usual. This could be due to a number of factors, however, it is a good time to see your Phoenix doctor about that flu shot that you may have been putting off.


Flu Shots in Phoenix

The flu generally starts to spread around the holidays after students come back from the northern areas or as the virus gains traction in late December/early January. However, a number of Phoenix doctors are reporting earlier cases. This could be a precursor to more reports of cases of the flu this season, which is another reason to go ahead and get the shot from your Phoenix doctor.
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