Are you Too Sick to Go To Work?





How do you know if you’re too sick to go to work? Should you tough it out and make that money, or take care of yourself and stay in bed today? With the flu season in Phoenix in full swing, it’s sometimes hard to make that decision, and sometimes harder when the boss wants a doctor’s note. Getting a note from your Phoenix physician is easy, it’s deciding whether to make that appointment and miss work or not that ‘s difficult. So, the expert doctors at Family Practice Specialists have put together a list of considerations for making this decision.


To Stay Home Or Not…

In today’s workplace environment, a day off is more than a luxury, it’s a miracle. Days off for vacation, even time off for lunch, are nearly impossible to come by. But, with the flu season coming on so strongly this year in Arizona, there are times when you’ll need to take your own health and the health of your family into focus. At times like these, your priorities need to change from making money to playing it safe. When you miss one day over one week, your boss will understand.


Ask yourself the following questions when considering staying home or not: Would you be a danger to others? Is your judgment impaired? Are you thinking clearly? Is your lack of productivity going to hurt the company? And do you think you’re contagious? (Huffington Post)
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The Holidays Are Over, And Your Sick





Staying healthy and flu-free during the holidays can be the most difficult part about travel, family and food. Getting to your Phoenix doctor before the holidays roll around is a wonderful option, as is getting that flu shot before flu season hits hard at this time of year. But even after all that you do to try to avoid getting sick, somehow every year either you or someone in the family comes down with a sniffly nose, watery eyes and cough. It seems inevitable at times, but it can be prevented. Follow these easy tips to truly staying healthy during the holidays:

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Stay Healthy Before, During and After A Doctor’s Visit





So, you are due for a visit to your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor and you know you may be stuck in the waiting room for a bit longer than usual. After all, this is the busy season for doctor’s offices everywhere and the flu has taken hold in a big way, which means sicker patients in the waiting rooms than usual. So, how do you ensure that you don’t leave the doctors office in Phoenix, AZ sicker than you were – or were not – when you came to it? Consider a few tips:


    • Ask to be separated from the acutely sick patients, perhaps in a different waiting room: Your family practice doctor Phoenix, AZ doctor might be willing to let you sit in a holding area different from ill patients in order to ensure that you don’t get sick as well. If this area is not already designated, you might request this of the staff.


    • Wear a mask: No, not the Halloween variety, but rather a surgical-type mask that can prevent germs from getting in your mouth and nose and moving on to infect the rest of your body.


    • Wash your hands often while you are in the office: Since you and the sicker patients are touching the same door knobs, waiting room pens and anything else that is a common area component, you can easily pick up flu germs – or other bacteria – from touching in shared spaces. Avoid this by washing your hands often during your visit in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible.


  • Bring along some sanitizer: Sick patients in your doctors office in Phoenix, AZ means they are touching door knobs and other components in the office, so in addition to washing your hands, it pays to sanitize them with an antibacterial sanitizer as well. There are a number of products on the market even geared towards killing flu germs and other viruses.

The quicker you can get your visit over with, the less likely it is that you will get the germs lingering around the office. You might also ask for your visit to be scheduled in the morning, before some of the sickest patients come in the door. If you are seriously worried, then you might be better off waiting until after the holidays when things start to calm down a bit to ensure that you don’t end up with anything before the celebration.


Flu Season Has Arrived And Doctors Are Predicting A Rough Season





Now that the winter season has officially arrived in most areas of the country, the flu is taking hold as more people go – and stay – indoors. Even a visit to your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor could put you at risk as other patients take a trip to the doctor for flu-related symptoms. The rounds of flu have started early, according to many doctor’s offices around the country, and this season promises to be a rough one.


Flu Season 2012/2013 

From California to Florida, reports of the flu are starting to pour in and medical professionals are warning patients that without a flu shot, those most vulnerable such as the elderly, those in poor health and very young child, could be at greater risk for catching this virus. The flu can cause a wide range of symptoms, including fever, congestion, achiness, fatigue, vomiting and more; more serious cases can even be deadly. Many people ward off the flu by getting an annual vaccination that protects against the ever-changing strains of flu that seem to make the rounds each year.
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Should You Go To The Doctor For A Flu Shot?





This is the time of the year when sickness seems to circulating and the flu is taking over entire households at one time. Many people try to guard against coming down with the flu by getting an annual flu shot. This shot can provide some immunity against the flu, and ensure that you can make it through a season without getting it. A large number of patients get their flu shots at their family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor; however, many more are taking advantage of the flu shots being offered by local drug stores.


When you are trying to determine where to go to get this essential shot, how do you determine the location that is best for you and how much does it really matter in the end?

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