Natural Remedies for Arizona Allergies

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Thousands of residents in Arizona are suffering from allergy symptoms – and with spring just beginning, there is no foreseeable end in sight. While over the counter and prescription medications may help to alleviate symptoms in many, others cannot take medications for allergy symptoms due to adverse side effects, preexisting medical conditions, or because of lifestyle choice. For those who can’t rely on allergy medications, there is still hope for help this spring. Below are the ten most effective natural remedies for allergy symptom relief.


10. Acupuncture

The ancient practice of acupuncture predates modern medicine and is still used today to address many different aliments. While the jury is still out about its effectiveness on relieving allergy symptoms, limited research suggests it may be worth a try. This is one natural treatment you don’t want to try at home!

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Arizona Wind Causes a Surge in Allergy Sufferers

seasonal allergies in phoenix

Countless residents in the AZ region are suffering from the infamous Arizona allergies made worse by gusting winds. Having an allergy, or several allergies, is amongst the top five of the most common chronic health afflictions in the United States. Recent stretches of windy days in the state have caused a major influx of residents with allergy symptoms. Living with allergens in the wind is a reality that residents in other states do not have to live with – but people who reside in Arizona know the scenario all too well.


Unique Properties of the Wind in Arizona

Arizona is home to many different kinds of allergenic plants which cause people to have watery, itchy eyes and a runny nose. In addition to native plants contributing to a high pollen density, the composition and activity of the wind in Arizona is different than wind in other regions – although just a windy day without any help can cause allergens in the environment to stir up and enter the air you breathe.

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Understanding Regional Arizona Allergies

seasonal allergies in az

People believe that relocating to the state of Arizona and surrounding areas will offer them some relief from chronic allergy symptoms because of the dry climate – they are usually quite shocked to discover the opposite to be the truth. People with existing allergy problems or asthma may notice that their sensitivity to allergens actually gets worse when they move to the state.


Others who have no previous issues actually develop allergies overtime during their residency; allergies frequently develop with ongoing exposure to allergens and the increased pollen count and other triggers can cause non-suffers to suddenly battle watery eyes, a runny nose, and other common symptoms.
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Arizona Is The WORST State for Allergies

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Allergy season is in full swing here in Phoenix, and our family physicians are definitely busy with valley cases, symptoms and allergy diagnosis. From the little ones with runny noses and watery eyes to moms and dads with all sorts of symptoms, it’s going to be a long and rough allergy season. But do not fear, because our Phoenix family doctors and specialists have over 40 years of experience in Arizona and know everything there is to know about seasonal allergies. For example…


Did you know that people once moved to the Arizona valley to get rid of their allergy symptoms? To essentially be allergy free? It’s true, many years ago, if you had bad allergies you were told to move to Arizona , to the dry, desert climate, to live allergy free. Because the air is so dry, and the population was a bit lower with mostly desert landscaping, the allergens in the air were far less than what they are today. Many families and older generations moved to the Phoenix and metro areas to get away from their intense allergy symptoms.
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Allergy Alert: Rain the Phoenix Forecast

seasonal allergies in Arizona

Rain in Arizona means two things, Phoenix residents will inevitably post hundreds of rainy photos and rainy updates to the social media feeds and the weatherman will predictably call this storm a ‘big winter storm’ to prepare for. Phoenix traffic will be horrible, much worse than usual, parents will complain and kids will play in the rain. The atmosphere in Phoenix changes when a storm rolls in and rain begins to poor. There’s excitement, relief and tension. As a Phoenix physician, there are two things that I know the storm will bring; allergy relief immediately followed by allergy panic.
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