3 Benefits of Making Hand Washing a New Year’s Resolution

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There’s a very good reason why your Phoenix physician might give you an extra reminder to wash your hands during your next checkup; it’s because hand washing can greatly reduce your chance of getting sick and getting others sick. Even when it’s not the flu season you should make hand washing a regular habit to avoid getting sick and having to make a trip to your Phoenix physician.
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How To Tell The Difference Between Arizona Allergies and a Sinus Infection

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All week we’ve been focusing on sinus infections vs allergies and colds. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you probably have figured out why. Besides the fact that monsoon season has brought about some wicked allergies, our Phoenix doctors are also seeing an increase in sinus infections this year. With that said, our Family Practice Specialists wanted to share with our patients the important differences between a sinus infection and allergies, how to notice the differences, and when to come in to see your Phoenix doctor.

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What is Valley Fever?

valley fever_phoenix, arizona

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If you’re new to Arizona , you probably haven’t heard the term Valley Fever. In reality, you might not ever hear it, even if you do live in Phoenix for many years. However, it is important to have an understanding of what Valley Fever is, what the symptoms of Valley Fever are, when you should visit a Phoenix physician and what Valley Fever treatment options are. So, let the physicians at Family Practice Specialistswalk you through the basics of Valley Fever.

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Kids and Allergies Don’t Mix: What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know


Allergy season is just beginning and already the pollen count is nearing record highs – made obvious by the amount of yellow cars we keep seeing and red eyed allergy suffers all around. When your little one is suffering, they do not have to go it alone, even if they can’t take powerful medications for relief. Helping your little ones may be easier than you think, especially if you are willing to make minor changes.

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Phoenix Seasonal Allergies: Kids and Prevention


The past few weeks have wreaked havoc on our allergies here in Arizona . As parents, it’s difficult to see our little ones suffering with seasonal allergies in Phoenix, and yet there is some steps that you can take before you’re sitting on the couch with a nebulizer and crying toddler. From all-natural allergy solutions for kids to over-the-counter medications to preventative measures, our Family Practice Specialists have put together an all-inclusive list of resources for you and your family during this Arizona allergy season.


Stay Indoors – Nothing beats staying away from the allergens that cause the entire mess in the first place. Since we had such a wet winter, and such a warm (so far) spring, flowers of every type, shape and size are in full bloom in Phoenix, which means the pollen count is out of control. The best way to prevent seasonal allergies for the kids is to simply stay indoors.
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