Realistic and Healthy 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

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For 2014 you should make plenty of resolutions to improve your overall health, but they should be realistic and attainable goals as well. It is easy to sometimes be overly ambitious with your New Year’s resolutions, but if you set smaller and realistic goals you will be able to complete your goals faster and reach them.


Your local Phoenix physician recommends that you make resolutions to improve your health through regular exercise and by eating a healthy diet in the New Year, and making other resolutions to improve your health.

Pick exercise routines with exercises that you like

Your Phoenix physician recommends that you pick exercises that you actually like to avoid exercise burnout. Many people will make resolutions to exercise in the New Year and then pick exercises that they hate doing. This can lead to dissatisfaction and problems with motivation as the year goes on, so it is better to pick exercises that you actually enjoy doing like your favorite sport, and that will keep you motivated to stick to your exercise resolution.


Pick short term goals for your exercise plan

Your Phoenix physician recommends that you write out short term goals for your exercise plan. If you aren’t sure what realistic goals are, you can speak with your Phoenix physician and get a physical to find out what your goals should be for weight loss, body fat percentage reduction, and for adding muscle. You can find your current body fat percentage from your Phoenix physician and make goals to reduce it or your BMI monthly. Also talk to your Phoenix physician about the safest way to go about your exercise routine based on your current health status.


Ask your Phoenix physician for advice

Before you start your exercise routine be sure to consult with your local Phoenix physician for advice on how to exercise properly and safely. You might have unique health concerns that need to be taken into consideration before you start on an exercise plan. The New Year is a great time to begin a new exercise routine, and your local Phoenix physician will be able to help you plan out your routine so that it is realistic and easy for you.

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