Making Healthy Resolutions for 2014

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The start of 2014 is the time to make resolutions to be healthier than ever, and your local Phoenix physicianwill appreciate the effort that you take throughout 2014 to improve your overall health and well being. Take advantage of the clarity and fresh perspective that the New Year brings and make as many healthy resolutions that you feel that you can stick to.


Commit to regular workouts

Your Phoenix physician will appreciate the effort you take to commit to regular workouts in 2014. Instead of making a resolution to work out a specific number of days per week, which most people fail at, try to commit to regular workouts with friends who can keep you motivated. Your workout may be just a few days a week for some weeks, but as long as you commit to the habit you will be doing yourself a great favor.

Working out is especially important if exercise is not a major part of your current lifestyle, as your Phoenix physician will recommend almost everyone to have some form of exercise in their routine. If you haven’t exercised in some time you should speak to your Phoenix physician first and also get a physical at your Phoenix physician before starting a strenuous routine.


Sign up for a regular fruit and vegetable delivery or pickup

One of the best and most popular ways to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet is by ordering a regular fruit and vegetable delivery or pickup. Those who already purchase them at the store can make resolutions to purchase more of them and include them more in home cooked meals, as your Phoenix physician will almost always recommend more fruits and vegetables in your diet for your health.

Talk to your Phoenix physician about other healthy resolutions that you might want to make for 2014 such as reducing your junk food intake and be sure to ask your Phoenix physician about any health concerns you have at the start of the New Year.


However you decide to make 2014 a healthy year, don’t forget to check in with your Family Practice Specialist physicians to stay on the right track.

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