Holidays, Cold Weather and Heart Health

weather and heart health

Cold weather can have a serious impact on your cardiovascular health, and in very severe cases can even cause a heart attack. If you think you might have heart problems that may be flared up during cold weather you should get a physical from your local Phoenix physician. Your Phoenix physician can tell you whether or not you should be indoors during cold weather and give you overall health advice.

Be cautious when exerting yourself in cold weather outdoors

Cold weather puts extra strain on your body and heart, as your body has to create more energy to keep you warm. You should be extra cautious when exerting yourself through exercise or by shoveling snow, as some people should not be exerting themselves outdoors due to potential cardiovascular issues. If you are not sure whether or not you are in the condition to exercise outdoors, talk to your Phoenix physician for advice.


Your Phoenix physician recommends that you wear the right gear and clothing in cold weather

One important thing to do both for those with and without cardiovascular problems is to dress appropriately for the weather. Be sure to keep warm with layers of clothing and wear scarves and hats to reduce heat loss. Older people and children need to be extra cautious during cold weather and be sure to wear more layers. Those with cardiovascular conditions to do their best to stay indoors during cold weather. For instance, people with angina often experience extra heart pain during cold weather.


Talk to your Phoenix physician about your fitness level

You should have your fitness level and cardiovascular health checked on an annual basis to know how your body can handle cold temperatures. If you haven’t had a yearly physical from your local Phoenix physician prior to the holiday season, you should be sure to schedule an appointment with your Phoenix physician and see what your fitness level is at.


Your Phoenix physician can advise you on your overall health

Most people will not have any problems with cold weather as long as they dress in layers, but others may be more susceptible due to undiagnosed conditions that your Phoenix physician can find. Your Phoenix physician will also be able to give you advice on staying healthy overall and exercising during the holiday season.


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