Diabetes Can Cause Eye Problems





Diabetes is an insidious disease that often attacks number body parts over the course of the disease cycle. From taking care of extremities, like limbs, feet and hands to monitoring eye care through your family practice in Phoenix, there are so many considerations for health that it can seem overwhelming. However, diabetic eye care is important because diabetes can lead to glaucoma, which can in turn cause blindness. Consider a few tips on managing your eyes if you have diabetes:


  • Maintain healthy blood sugar: High blood sugar can lead to problems with all areas of the eye, including the retina, lens and optic nerve. Take medication and insulin as directed and let your doctor know if you are not able to maintain your blood sugar levels on a regular basis.

  • Get your eyes checked annually, more if your diabetes is out of control: A diabetic eye care professional can best tell you how often to have your eyes checked and it is important to keep every appointment, even if you are not currently having problems. Because issues with diabetes can spiral out of control quickly, it is important to catch them as early as possible.

  • Alert the doctor if you see spots: Diabetes tends to allow new blood vessels to grow in the retina as diabetes runs its course; however, these vessels are weak and can often lead to leakage into the vitreous area of the eye. This blood doesn’t allow light to get your retina and you may see floating spots and/or dark areas as a result. Sometimes, this issue will clear up on its own. However, the only other way that your family practice in Phoenix can resolve this is through surgery, but the diabetic eye care professional can only help you if you alert him or her to the problem.


Remember, diabetic eye care should be top of mind in managing your disease, just as important as keeping blood sugar at normal levels and maintain good skin care. Just like you don’t want to do anything to lose a limb, you don’t want to lose your sight to this disease if it is at all possible to avoid doing so. Keep annual appointments, notate changes in your eyesight between appointments and take your eye care seriously. This disease will take enough from you over the long run without stealing your sight as well.

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