5 Tips for Preventing the Flu in 2014

Flu Shot, Flu Vaccine

The flu is a nasty virus that can bring a lot of misery, and with the flu season being in full effect right now, you should take every precaution as recommended by your local Phoenix physician to prevent yourself from getting the flu or spreading it to others.

Wash your hands as much as possible
Your Phoenix physician recommends that you wash your hands as often as possible to stop the spread of germs, especially if you have been in public places.
Get a flu shot
One of the best ways to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot, and your Phoenix physician will have a flu shot available for the year. Talk to your Phoenix physician if you haven’t got the flu yet and want a flu shot to try to prevent it.
Stay away from others if you are sick
If you happen to get sick be sure to stay away from others to stop the spread of the flu.
Wash utensils and dishes thoroughly
If there is someone sick with the flu in your home be sure to wash utensils and dishes thoroughly with hot water and soap, and be sure to disinfect your home as much as possible.
Get to your Phoenix physician if you have the flu
If you or a family member gets the flu and displays strange or severe symptoms, be sure to get to your Phoenix physician for treatment or your hospital. Your physician may be able to treat the flu if you get there within the first one to two days of showing symptoms.
At home you can also take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help with the symptoms of the flu, along with any other treatments that are recommended by your Phoenix physician. Although there isn’t much you can do once you get the flu other than wait it out, if you have very severe symptoms you should call your Phoenix physician or head to your local hospital.

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