5 Mental & Physical Exercises to Increase Positivity and Wellness

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If you are looking for advice from a trusted Phoenix Doctor on how to improve your overall health through natural practices, the first place to start is improving your attitude. Many studies and almost any Phoenix Doctor will tell you that your mental wellness has a dramatic impact on your physical wellbeing.


The Mind Body Connection

There are many powerful indicators that point to better health through the mind body connection, as your Phoenix Doctor will likely support. Most doctors and experts who have studied the mind body connection agree that many mental disorders have a biological root. To counter the mental health stemming from physical health research is the knowledge that your state of mind can have a major impact on your physical wellbeing. So based these two things, there’s one thing we know for certain, you must address mental attitude and mental disorders to actually be healthy.


Over the last two decades, medicine that focuses on the mind body connection has become evermore popular. Medicine which puts emphasis on psychological factors that impact health can play a major part in healing — even when it comes to major health conditions like heart disease. Mind body connection medicine also has its place when managing arthritis and pain. Evidence even suggests that when you focus on improving physiological wellness, you can lessen the symptoms of disease.


What is the “Right Attitude” Anyways?

As your Phoenix Doctor will tell you, it doesn’t take being over enthusiastic or ‘peppy’ to have a good attitude. Having the right attitude includes being able to cope and manage stress, possessing the ability to remain positive, and having the right skills needed to remain calm in frantic situations, and so on.


Mental and Physical Exercises for Wellness

While some mental illnesses and conditions do require the use of medication to manage, minor concerns and conditions that are based in stress and anxiety can often be managed without medication. Before starting any physical exercise, consult your primary Phoenix Doctor.



Yoga is an extremely popular form of exercise — your Phoenix Doctor probably even takes yoga classes themselves! This form of exercise combines physical, mental, and spiritual practices in the effort to unite these functions.
Tai Chi

Patients who consult with their Phoenix Doctor with concerns about recovery from surgery or injury might be surprised when they are advised to try Tai Chi. This practice is all about controlled movements and has many known health benefits, including longevity and increased healing/pain relief.


Talk Therapy

Therapy is offered by Phoenix Doctor specialists known as therapist. Talk therapy is also available through counseling services and does not necessarily have to be done through a Phoenix Doctor. While evidence is not concrete on how talk therapy helps mental health exactly, it does have proven effectiveness for improving mood and coping skills.



Keeping a journal is highly recommended by many Phoenix Doctor specialists. Keeping a daily journal is similar to talk therapy as it allows you to release your concerns from your mind into the world and put them into perspective. Journaling will also make you more aware of your stress triggers and help you to reference behaviors that are working for you, and those which aren’t.



Used frequently to treat headaches and migraines, biofeedback is becoming extremely popular as an integral part of medical treatment plans. This is the process of discovering a new level of awareness of physiological functions. Biofeedback is discovered through the use of instruments that reveal information on the function of the body’s systems. The goal of biofeedback is to ultimately use the gathered information to improve health, physiological changes, and more.


If you have concerns that your stress has become unmanageable, speak with your Phoenix Doctor about further options to get you back on track. Your Phoenix Doctor will be able to offer you further options for improving your mental wellness.

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