3 Benefits of Making Hand Washing a New Year’s Resolution

washing hands

There’s a very good reason why your Phoenix physician might give you an extra reminder to wash your hands during your next checkup; it’s because hand washing can greatly reduce your chance of getting sick and getting others sick. Even when it’s not the flu season you should make hand washing a regular habit to avoid getting sick and having to make a trip to your Phoenix physician.

Washing your hands is a great defense against germs

Your Phoenix physician will often remind you that your hands are exposed to germs every day whenever you touch a public doorknob, public objects that may be contaminated with germs, and the many other circumstances where germs can spread to your hands. Washing your hands regularly reduces your exposure to the germs that your hands can gather when going about your day in public places.
Your Phoenix physician recommends regular hand washing to prevent you from spreading germs to others

Just as you can acquire germs from public areas, you can also spread germs to others if you don’t wash your hands regularly. Your Phoenix physician will recommend that you wash your hands every time you use the bathroom and also whenever you feel that you might have contaminated them through a cough or sneeze. Your Phoenix physician and others will appreciate the effort you take to stop the spread of germs through regular hand washing.
Food preparers should wash their hands very frequently

If you prepare food on a regular basis your Phoenix physician would also recommend that you wash your hands more often than usual. This is because you can very easily transmit germs to others through contact with food. Your Phoenix physician recommends that you are extra vigilant about hand washing when you prepare food for your family or for others. And of course before you eat anything you should be sure to wash your hands.
Regular hand washing is a healthy habit that your Phoenix physician will commonly remind you to do during the flu season, but you should make it a habit no matter what time of year it is.


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