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Flu Season Has Arrived And Doctors Are Predicting A Rough Season





Now that the winter season has officially arrived in most areas of the country, the flu is taking hold as more people go – and stay – indoors. Even a visit to your family practice Phoenix, AZ doctor could put you at risk as other patients take a trip to the doctor for flu-related symptoms. The rounds of flu have started early, according to many doctor’s offices around the country, and this season promises to be a rough one.


Flu Season 2012/2013 

From California to Florida, reports of the flu are starting to pour in and medical professionals are warning patients that without a flu shot, those most vulnerable such as the elderly, those in poor health and very young child, could be at greater risk for catching this virus. The flu can cause a wide range of symptoms, including fever, congestion, achiness, fatigue, vomiting and more; more serious cases can even be deadly. Many people ward off the flu by getting an annual vaccination that protects against the ever-changing strains of flu that seem to make the rounds each year.
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How To Choose A the Best Phoenix Doctor for Your Family





So you’ve decided to take better care of your health and plan to start seeing a doctor on a regular basis for check-ups and visits in between when you are feeling ill. However, if you don’t have a regular family practice Phoenix, AZ physician, how do you know where to go to establish yourself as a patient? Consider a few tips:


  • Ask if the office is taking new patients: Sometimes, it isn’t even up to you whether or not you can get in with a particular doctor. The office has to be accepting new patients to even get a foot in the door. So, if you are interested in seeing a particular doctor, this is the best place to start before taking it a step further in booking an appointment.

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