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Tips On Preparing For Medicare Wellness Exams





When you are preparing to get a medical exam of any type, you should treat it like something that requires preparation. After all, this is your opportunity to talk with your doctor about potential health issues, ask questions about things that might seem “off” to you and get a general idea of your picture of health and how to improve on it.


To prepare, start by notating any symptoms you might be having on a regular basis. Write down everything from an inability to sleep well at night to any feelings of tiredness during the day to nutritional and exercise habits. The more information you can provide during Medicare wellness exams, the more thorough your doctor can be in testing you for any potential health conditions and assessing your general state of health. Even the smallest and seemingly insignificant symptoms can be indicators of underlying conditions, so write those down as well.

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What Are Medicare Wellness Exams?





Signing up for Medicare can be a tricky process, particularly since there are varying parts of the program that apply to people from different ages and at different income levels. Determining where you fall in terms of the best program is just one part of the battle; getting the right exam is another part. This is why Medicare wellness exams can be so confusing to most.


Most people get an annual visit every 12 months or so. This is the point in which your doctor looks at your current state of health and does an overview of any medications you may be taking. The annual exam is also the time in which you talk with your doctor about potential health issues and any concerns you may have about your health. Any screenings that you might get as well as any shots you might need would normally occur at this point as well.

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Steps Towards Better Eye Care As A Diabetic





When you have diabetes, it seems as though you are stuck managing just about every aspect of your condition. From watching your fluid intake to keep your kidneys healthy to eating nutritiously for better heart health to monitoring care of your extremities to guard against neuropathic issues, it seems as though there is so much to keep in mind when you are diabetic.


This is true and your eyes are just another thing to add to the list. Diabetic eye care is poignant because the condition attacks the eyes as well as other areas of the body. Your family practice in Phoenix, AZ might monitor this closely, but it is equally important to do your part to ensure that your eyes stay as healthy as possible. With that in mind, consider some steps towards managing your eye care when you have diabetes.


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Diabetes Can Cause Eye Problems





Diabetes is an insidious disease that often attacks number body parts over the course of the disease cycle. From taking care of extremities, like limbs, feet and hands to monitoring eye care through your family practice in Phoenix, there are so many considerations for health that it can seem overwhelming. However, diabetic eye care is important because diabetes can lead to glaucoma, which can in turn cause blindness. Consider a few tips on managing your eyes if you have diabetes:

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